Applicant hereby represents that all the above statements are true, correct and complete. Applicant authorizes verification of the above information provided including, but not limited to, obtaining a consumer credit report and criminal background check and agrees to furnish additional information upon request. The cost of this credit processing and criminal background check is $75.00 to be paid by the applicant prior to application processing. This cost is not rent or deposit and will not be refunded. The property requires a $200.00 NON REFUNDABLE ADMINISTRATIVE FEE TO SECURE AN APARTMENT. If applicant fails to move in, the fee will not be refunded. If applicant falsifies the application, the administrative fee will not be refunded. If the applicant is approved, the fee will not be refunded. Should the applicant be denied, the administrative fee will be refunded within thirty days. The required security deposit will be determined during application processing and must be paid in full within twenty-four hours upon notification of approval. Should applicant cancel after seventy-two hours of approval notification, the applicant will forfeit the deposit. Applicant further acknowledges that in addition to base monthly rent, Applicant will be responsible for paying for his/her utilities and a $50.00 monthly facilities maintenance fee.


Please note if the stated move-in date is more than 30 days from the date of application, applicant may be assigned to a waitlist. In this instance, credit screening will be processed at the time of application and may be re-processed when unit availability permits selection.